14 September 2012

  • Met up with teacher mentors (Helene, Yub, Mr Liu, Mr Stanley Tan, Ms Teo)
  • Discussed local project and overseas component of project. New option for overseas project: computer lab donation (Linked to SST)*Must ensure that school/orphanage has space for computer lab
*Discuss possibility with the rest of the group
  • What we need to do:
  1. Collect computers/laptops
  2. Bring to Batam (note difficulty in bringing computers)
  3. Solar panels to provide electricity to power computers (How many do we need? How much will it cost?)
  • Update teachers on fundraising (Possibility of haunted house, car wash and/or sports event.)
  • Local Project (Science camp for Melrose kids) can be passed down to the juniors.
  • Met Mr Tan HT > talk about solar panels and water filtration
Solar Panels
Mr Tan HT will check with contact for cost and amount of power provided. 
Water filtration
Possible project for others, not many possibilities for local project. Mr Tan has contacts for areas that need water filtration. Testing on Wednesday, 19/9/12.
  • Met Ms Christine Quan > Talk about possible computer lab donation. Local project must be related to overseas project (teaching elderly how to use basic computer functions?)
*Note that teacher mentor MUST be involved and updated often.

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