Group 1


  • Jia Le
  • Yub
  • Tse Tzang
  • Denise
  • Jian Hui
  • Lovy

SL @ Batam Reflections

Day #1
Question: What is Service Learning to you?
Answer: As a group, we've come to conclusion that Service Learning is not entirely the same as CIP. Applying what we've learnt in classrooms and expanding our knowledge beyond such platforms to benefit the society is the basic part of Service Learning. However, the real 'learning' comes only when we gather and think about how we've actually helped our target audience and evaluating our options and actions.

Day #2
1) What are your thoughts and feelings about today's activities?
Basically, our group felt that the trip so far was not what we have expected it to be. We were doing what ordinary people could also do. Also, our perception of Service Learning changed. Even though we spent most of our time shifting bricks and cement, we realised that we were setting a foundation for them to have better facilities which in turns benefits their childhood in an orphanage.

2) To continue or not?
Most of our group members felt that we should not continue doing what we have been doing so far. We feel that we can achieve more and reach out better to the beneficiaries. Thus, another target audience would be more feasible such as Cambodia where we can resume our original plans of installing solar panels.

Day #3
1) What are you thoughts and feelings after interacting with the children at Alaqsho?

2) How beneficial do you think the project was?

3) What do you think can be improved?

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