Day #3 @ Batam (23rd March 2013)

We set off for Alaqsho in the morning and brought along all of the clothes we collected from the clothes donation drive. Once we arrived, we began by playing ball games with the boys, which eventually evolved into soccer, while playing a series of games such as "Electricity" and "Duck Duck Goose" with the girls. Some of us read storybooks to the children as well. Ibu (Alaqsho's house mother) wanted to distribute the clothes on her own, so the clothes were passed to the orphanage and the washing machine had arrived and was handed to them as well.

We played with the children all the way till noon, when we had pizza together. After which, we said our farewells and left Alaqsho, proceeding back to Singapore.

Day #2 @ Batam (22nd March 2013)

After breakfast, we set off to Alaqsho. There, we spent about half a day helping to transport cement and bricks from the ground floor to the top for the uncompleted building. We also helped clean up rooms and areas in the orphanage. Some of us also interacted with the children. We read to them, played games with them, or just simply talked to them.

After the day, we headed back to the hotel for group reflections and debrief session. After which, we had a small prep session for the games and activities tomorrow.

Day #1 @ Batam (21st March 2013)

We started the day by gathering at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal at 0730. Our ferry departed at 0930 for Batam and after placing our belongings at the hotel, we headed down to Alaqsho Orphanage once more to confirm the equipment we needed to buy.

We entered Alaqsho only to be informed that the installation of solar panels will no longer be feasible. By using solar panels, electrical energy is drawn from an alternative source from the government and this is illegal. We were also informed of the orphanage's need of a washing machine and completion of unfinished building on the roof.

Over lunch, we had a discussion and came to a conclusion to help Alaqsho finish the building, get a washing machine and as well as to follow the original plan of clean up. We cancelled the original solar panel plans as we recognised that it would be doing more harm than good to Alaqsho.

We then proceeded to order cement and bricks for the building, as well as cleaning materials and a washing machine.

Possible Games

Simon Says
The facilitator will issue instructions with the phrase "Simon says" at the beginning, and the group must follow or do what Simon says. Players are eliminated from the game by either not following instructions or by following an instruction that does not have "Simon says" at the beginning of the instruction.

All participants must sit in a circle. They will introduce themselves one by one so that everyone will recognise each others' names. The game begins with the facilitator calling out the name of someone in the group. The person called must quickly squat down and the two people on either side of the person whose name was called will fire their guns (made by their hands forming a gun shape) at each other.
If the person called does not squat in time, he will be "dead" and eliminated from the game. If he ducks in time, the participant on either his left or right who gets shot first is eliminated.

Dog and Bone
The participants will be split into two equal groups and given a number (from 1-10 if there are 10 players in one group). They will line up facing each other. The facilitator will place an object in the centre. He will then call out a certain number (or numbers) and the people who have been given these numbers will run out to try and get the object. If someone from group A gets the object, someone from group B can try to catch him/her. If the person from group A makes it back to his group without getting caught, he will earn his group 2 points. If he gets caught, he will not earn any points. However, the person who caught him will earn his group (group B) 1 point.

Duck Duck Goose
All participants but one sit in a circle facing inwards. The person who is not in the circle will be the picker. He will go around the circle tapping or pointing to each person saying "duck", until he finally picks someone and says "goose". The "goose" will then rise and chase the picker and attempt to tag him, while the picker will try to return to and sit where the "goose" had been sitting. If the "picker" succeeds, the "goose" is now the new picker and the process begins again. If the "goose" succeeds in catching the picker, he may return to his spot and the game will continue and the picker resumes the process.

Forming Groups
The facilitator will call out a type of group (e.g. form groups of 4). People who are unable to form a group will be eliminated from the game.

Red light Green light
One player will be chosen as the traffic warden. The aim of the game is for any of the other players to catch the traffic warden. When the traffic warden says "green light", his back must be facing the players. The players can then move towards the traffic warden. When the traffic warden says "red light", he must turn around and catch any players who are still moving (players must stop moving when the traffic warden says red light). When a player has been caught by the traffic warden, he will be eliminated from the game. The winner will be the first person who caught the traffic warden, the last player to be eliminated or the traffic warden himself when all the other players have been eliminated.

Unnamed Game (Clementi Wood Park Game)
Participants will pair up and stand in a circle. One pair will be chosen (one person will be the catcher and the other will be the runner). The runner will run to a person in a pair (Person A) and person A's partner (person B) will have to run from the catcher. Person B will be the new runner and will have to run to another pair. However, the runner cannot join a pair right next to his original pair.

What time is it, Mr Wolf?
One player is chosen to be Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf stands at the opposite end of the playing field from the other players, facing away from them. A call-and-response then takes place: all players except for Mr Wolf will chant in unison "What time is it, Mr Wolf?", and Mr Wolf will answer in one of the two ways:
1) Mr Wolf may call a clock time (e.g. 3 o'clock). The other players will then take that many steps out loud as they go ("One, two, three). Then they ask the question again.
2) Mr Wolf may call "Dinner time!". Then Mr Wolf will turn and chase the other players back to the starting point. If Mr Wolf successfully tags a player, that player becomes the new Mr Wolf for the next round.

Batam Information Booklet

16 Feb 2013

Went around Queensway Shopping Centre to look for T-shirt printing companies:


Final Shirt Design

13 Feb - 15 Feb

Clothes donation drive:
Poster ^^

Clothes and Shoes donation drive:
Sorting of Clothes...

Sorting of Clothes w/YUB :D

23 Jan 2013 Briefing Slides

23 January 2012

Group Meeting: 2.00pm - 3.00pm (1 hour)
Members present – Helene, Yub, Millie, Jia Le (1/2 hour), Bernard, Denise, Tse Tzang, Jun Peng, Jian Hui, Chen Yu.


groupings to be confirmed due to juniors that are joining the project so as to continue the project over the years.

Discussed the recce trip
- going to Alaqsho Orphanage and staying in Vista Hotel.
- Plan to help them reduce electricity costs by installing solar panels, donate mattresses, clothes and shoes.
- Organise a meal with them on the last day that we are there, and maybe play some games with them.
- Clean up the area (will be done when the children are in school, so that they do not disturb us and we do not disturb them)

The actual trip will probably be from 21st March to 23rd/24th March. Estimated cost per pax is $500.

Donation Drive (Yub's group + Chen Yu)
Donation drive involving the school population (teachers, students, staff): donate shoes and clothes.

Fundraising (Millie's and Helene's group + Jian Hui)
- Proposal to Acez company for sponsorship
- Possibly get the students and teachers to donate $1 each. Target for fundraising: $1000.

Recce Trip 20 January 2013

Time : 0800 - 1800

Teachers and Students involved : Mr Tan HT, Ms Christine Quan, Heo Yub, Bernard Ng, Millie Thng

Itinerary : Solar Panel/Hardware Shop >>> Battery Shop >>> Alaqsho Orphanage >>> Harmoni One Hotel >>> Darul Falah

Maps from GPS :

Data from Solar Panel Shop 

Solar Panels :
  • 30 watt $92 (750 000 rupiah)
  • 50 watt $141 (1150000 rupiah )
  • 100 watt $246 (2 million rupiah)
  • 130 watt $305 (2475 000 rupiah)
 Regulators :
  • 10A 225000 rupiah
  • 15A 300000 rupiah
  • 20A 475000 rupiah

Data from Battery Shop

Batteries :
  • $92 35 AH
  • $110 45AH/55AH 12V* (500 watt)
  • $155 60AH
Alaqsho Orphanage

  • 29 people
  • Plans to help them reduce electricity cost via solar panels
  • Donate mattresses, clothes, toys
  • Organize a meal for them, play games with the children
  • Clean up the area 
  • Put up a proper clothes line 
Harmoni One Hotel

  • Has Wifi at lobby
  • Need hotel card for lifts to operate
  • Has cable internet at hotel room (group leader probably needs to bring laptop over)
  • Same plug as Singapore
  • Has in-house doctor

Darul Falah

  • About 1-2 light bulbs per class, some have ceiling fans (lower primary classes)
  • They have a main generator for electricity
  • Plans to set up a computer lab?
  • Already has enough help (Gan Eng Seng School)
Things to take note/Reminders

*Find time to learn how to set up solar panels
*Create instructions for solar panel (laminated with drawings)
*Get 1-2 juniors to follow us on trip (so that they can carry it on next year with their peers)
*If we still want computers, try approach Mr Aurelius Yeo for help
*Check solar panel installation fee
*Get translators, maybe approach Mdm Azizah to help us
*Bring toilet paper for actual trip
*Do R.A.M.S
*Fundraising ought to cover recce cost ($75 per person)
*We can do joined fundraising with other SL groups (Hardy's team)

  • Target audience should be Alaqsho Orphanage as they need more help
  • Dates should be end of March holidays (3 days,  21st March/22nd March - 23rd March/24th March)
  • Meeting with leaders on 21 January 2013 to confirm details
  • Meeting with rest of team this week (check who wants to drop out, inform them of the confirmed plans, plan out how we are going to progress from here)