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Service Learning Project

Executive Summary
Our team consists of 16 students from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. We are proposing to do a project through service learning, targeted at helping and serving the less fortunate at neighbouring countries, specifically, Pulau Batam. We are proposing the installation of solar panels at Alaqsho Orphanage located near Batam Centre, as well as a clothes donation drive for the children living there.

As fellow youths, we will hopefully be able to better communicate with the children at Batam. This way, we would be able to relate to them better and easily be able to generate a positive impact on their lives. Our main objectives is for us to learn through service to the community and hopefully, we would be able to benefit the lives of these children.

Proposed Approach
After much research, we have realized that many orphanages in Batam are unable to pay for their other needs such as repairs for the orphanage, due to power bills they often are unable to afford.  To combat this problem, we propose to install solar panels at one of these orphanages help offset these electricity bills so that funds could be used for their other needs. This project is estimated to be taking place from the 21st to the 23rd of March (during the March Holidays) and is to be continued by another group of students every year. The goals of the project include making a positive impact on the lives of the children, learning to communicate with the young, having exposure to real world situations and contributing back to the community.

We plan on splitting up the groups into groups of 4 or 5 with each group focusing mainly on one aspect of the project (Installation of Solar Panels, Distribution of donated clothes, etc.).

As mentioned above, we hope to benefit the lives of the children there, possibly starting a chain of service learning whereby a group of students from the school will continue the project every year by serving the orphanages in areas of service learning. In this way, through service learning, the students of SST will benefit from this by experiencing how to serve the community, as well as learning the real life applications of their learning by helping serve the less fortunate, and the various beneficiaries will benefit from this on an yearly basis.

Timeline of Events

17 June 2012
Reconnaissance Trip (1)
20 January 2013
Reconnaissance Trip (2)
4 February 2013
Selection of Orphanage
5 February 2013 - 8 February 2013
Planning of Donation Drive
13 February 2013 - 15 February 2013
Collection of Clothes for Donation Drive
15 February 2013
Sorting of Donated Items (1)
22 February 2013
Sorting of Donated Items (2)
25 February 2013 - 6 March 2013
Confirmation of Details for trip to batam
8 March 2013
Parents Briefing Session
21 March 2013 - 23 March 2013
Service Learning Trip at Batam
24 March 2013 - 25 March 2013
Project Reflection

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