Recce Trip 20 January 2013

Time : 0800 - 1800

Teachers and Students involved : Mr Tan HT, Ms Christine Quan, Heo Yub, Bernard Ng, Millie Thng

Itinerary : Solar Panel/Hardware Shop >>> Battery Shop >>> Alaqsho Orphanage >>> Harmoni One Hotel >>> Darul Falah

Maps from GPS :

Data from Solar Panel Shop 

Solar Panels :
  • 30 watt $92 (750 000 rupiah)
  • 50 watt $141 (1150000 rupiah )
  • 100 watt $246 (2 million rupiah)
  • 130 watt $305 (2475 000 rupiah)
 Regulators :
  • 10A 225000 rupiah
  • 15A 300000 rupiah
  • 20A 475000 rupiah

Data from Battery Shop

Batteries :
  • $92 35 AH
  • $110 45AH/55AH 12V* (500 watt)
  • $155 60AH
Alaqsho Orphanage

  • 29 people
  • Plans to help them reduce electricity cost via solar panels
  • Donate mattresses, clothes, toys
  • Organize a meal for them, play games with the children
  • Clean up the area 
  • Put up a proper clothes line 
Harmoni One Hotel

  • Has Wifi at lobby
  • Need hotel card for lifts to operate
  • Has cable internet at hotel room (group leader probably needs to bring laptop over)
  • Same plug as Singapore
  • Has in-house doctor

Darul Falah

  • About 1-2 light bulbs per class, some have ceiling fans (lower primary classes)
  • They have a main generator for electricity
  • Plans to set up a computer lab?
  • Already has enough help (Gan Eng Seng School)
Things to take note/Reminders

*Find time to learn how to set up solar panels
*Create instructions for solar panel (laminated with drawings)
*Get 1-2 juniors to follow us on trip (so that they can carry it on next year with their peers)
*If we still want computers, try approach Mr Aurelius Yeo for help
*Check solar panel installation fee
*Get translators, maybe approach Mdm Azizah to help us
*Bring toilet paper for actual trip
*Do R.A.M.S
*Fundraising ought to cover recce cost ($75 per person)
*We can do joined fundraising with other SL groups (Hardy's team)

  • Target audience should be Alaqsho Orphanage as they need more help
  • Dates should be end of March holidays (3 days,  21st March/22nd March - 23rd March/24th March)
  • Meeting with leaders on 21 January 2013 to confirm details
  • Meeting with rest of team this week (check who wants to drop out, inform them of the confirmed plans, plan out how we are going to progress from here)

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