23 January 2012

Group Meeting: 2.00pm - 3.00pm (1 hour)
Members present – Helene, Yub, Millie, Jia Le (1/2 hour), Bernard, Denise, Tse Tzang, Jun Peng, Jian Hui, Chen Yu.


groupings to be confirmed due to juniors that are joining the project so as to continue the project over the years.

Discussed the recce trip
- going to Alaqsho Orphanage and staying in Vista Hotel.
- Plan to help them reduce electricity costs by installing solar panels, donate mattresses, clothes and shoes.
- Organise a meal with them on the last day that we are there, and maybe play some games with them.
- Clean up the area (will be done when the children are in school, so that they do not disturb us and we do not disturb them)

The actual trip will probably be from 21st March to 23rd/24th March. Estimated cost per pax is $500.

Donation Drive (Yub's group + Chen Yu)
Donation drive involving the school population (teachers, students, staff): donate shoes and clothes.

Fundraising (Millie's and Helene's group + Jian Hui)
- Proposal to Acez company for sponsorship
- Possibly get the students and teachers to donate $1 each. Target for fundraising: $1000.

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