9 October 2012

Group Leader Meeting (Yub, Jia Le, Helene, Millie, Nur Nadiah)
  • Yub + Jia Le: Teaching + Set up of solar panels
  • Helene + Millie: Teaching + Set up of computers
  • Nadiah: Walk around, help out (communications)
  1. 2 groups set up and teach solar panel, 2 groups set up and teach computers
  2. First setup solar panel, then computers, then teach for both
  3. Set up both solar panels and computers first, then teach.
  4. Do everything at the same time
  5. 3 groups set up solar panels, 1 group set up computer and teach theory. Then, 1 group from solar panel + 1 group from computer group set up the rest of the computers. Lastly, teach everything! 

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