15 October 2012

Very Important
  • Compilation of minutes of meetings/discussions
  • Photos/Videos
  • Publicity Platform
*At the end of both local and overseas project, compile separate reports for both trips. The two reports are to be compiled into one report ultimately!
Local Project
  1. Beneficiary
  2. Date of Project
  3. Total pax
  4. What/How to benefit?
  5. Can it be continued by SST? Can the next group take over?
Overseas Project
  1. Beneficiary: Any brief outlines to share with the group? How many beneficiaries? What is going to be done for them?
  2. Dates of project
  3. Roles/responsibilities
  4. Rules and regulations
  5. Personal journal/reflections: How to capture? (Do in groups, after each activity, in a booklet)
  6. Consent forms
  1. Ferry
  2. Material Costs
  3. Fundraising Costs
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Lodging, F&B, Insurance
Roles (Any rotation?)
  1. Project Manager
  2. Vice Project Manager
  3. Treasurer
  4. Vice Treasurer
  5. Secretary
  6. Vice Secretary
  7. Small group leaders
  1. Halloween (27/10/12)
    - Kovan CC
    - Props 
Meet everyone on Thurs, 18/10/12
  • Ask each member to look for 1-2 volunteers
  • Inform about fundraising and discuss details
    - Ticket cost (Package deal?)
    - Committee (teams)
    - Everyone needs to be involved
    - What we are going to do
  • Overseas
    - Scrap computers
    - Do solar panels, possibility of water filtration (if we have extra manpower)
  • Local (TOUCH)
    - Date
    - Total pax
    - Can be continued by next batch
    - Funding (Ask Ms Teo if can borrow circuits from school) 
  • Recce
    - Decide on date
    - Timeframe: 11-18 Nov?
    - Mr Tan HT, Marcus and Nadiah must go
    - If possible, all the leaders go
    - Beneficiary
    - Specific needs
    - Free during time frame? (March 2013)
    - Any other things to take note? 

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