16 October 2012

Went to Kovan Community Club, look at facilities (TT, Denise, Yub, Bernard, Millie, Helene, Jia Le w/Ms Christine Quan)
Haunted House
  • Tunnel?
  • Rooms?
Small Stalls
  • To be held in MPH
  • Balloon sculpting
  • Face painting
  • F&B (Packet food, i.e. cakes and biscuits)
  • Games
    - Carnival games
    - Prizes
On the 27 October (TBC)
  • 6.00pm-9.30pm
    - 6pm: Attract people to come, go to small stalls first
  • Sponsors: Ask JP
  • Ask Mr Liu for ideas
  • Sell tickets next week
    - Ask teachers, school staff and students, CC
  • Props: Tables and chairs (as barricades), [smoke machine, sound effects, lights] (ask Jia Sheng), masks, canvas, costumes, make up, halloween deco (for ticket booth and rooms)
  • Yub, Jonathan, Stacy and Marcus have dance on 27/10/12, 6-9pm (Can help to set up and clean up)
  • Publicity
    - Kovan CC
    - School
  • Now (Tues, 16/10/12)
  • 17/10/12: Ask for props, sponsors and volunteers
  • 18/10/12: Meeting with group
  • 19/10/12: Research (Universal studios halloween event) :P
  • 21/10/12: Meet up @ Jurong East MRT, 2pm
Groups in charge of:
  • Haunted house: Helene and Yub
  • Publicity: Jia Le
  • Bazaar: Millie and Bernard 

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