3 January 2013

Meeting: Helene, Yub and Bernard w/ Mr Tan HT
Planning of recce trip

Date: 19 January

Location: Batam (Darul Fallah)

Darul Fallah is a school which has a school population of 800, with about 15 high school students.

Who: Mr Tan HT, Ms Karen Teo, Yub, Bernard, Helene, Marcis (TBC) (3 leaders, 1 media at least)
What we will be doing: We will be bringing laptops, solar panels and batteries for power, and this will be used for teaching/education purposes.

Discussion for calculation of use of solar panels, etc.
Find out: capacity of the battery, power ratings of computers and solar panel ratings
School currently has one set with solar panel(80W) + battery (300Ah) @ $1800

Touch Young Arrow (TYA): Simple circuits (have to make a detailed plan)

Also, see if we can get a sponsorship from Apple to get laptops as well as money for overseas project. We can propose to exchange the sponsorship with free advertisement for Apple, etc.

What we need to do now:

  • Confirm who will be going for recce
  • Local prep (Proposal, planning, etc.)
  • Drafting of letter to Apple
  • Inform the teachers

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